night runs

Don't Get Spooked!



If you think it’s fun during the day, wait until you try it at night…

Experience the excitement of the venue at night, it’s a whole new ball game.

Fit your truck with light bars, spots and own the night!

Night events will be run from time to time and advertised on our website here under our diary date section as well as our facebook page.

Cost is $60.00 for your 4wd / 4×4 / side by side vehicle. 

Night events will always run on a Saturday Night.

Entry for your night event begins at 5pm and all customers MUST exit by 11pm at the latest.

  Don’t forget a torch, your recovery equipment, your friends and your sense of adventure.

Drive Carefully Avoiding Zombies at all Times Please!


A completely different experience to a daytime run

Was that a Bump in the Night?


Many of our tougher guys jump at the slightest noise on nights such as these!