2019 ladies day gathering

Check out this great video of girl's fun

why ladies day

A Supportive Environment

Girls know as much s the boys when it comes to navigating off road. However, some girls find it tedious when guys around them have a "know it all attitude", especially if the advice was not asked for in the first place. That is why ladies day is such a great time to get together and learn and improve upon all different skill levels together. We just provide the venue, you get to enjoy! Guys are allowed but only get to be the passenger for a change!

All Levels Welcome

What we love about the ladies day is the fact that no-one is judging . In fact, the ladies have a very supportive click going on with lots of encouragement.

Teach Your Man a Thing or Two

It is a real achievement to on your next 4wd outing point you man in the right direction when you see he isn't quite carrying out a move as he should. Á lot of satisfaction  for ladies to show how off road is not just a guys game.