Which Make / Model of Vehicle Can I Visit With


 Isuzu D-Max, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton to luxury 4WD's Range Rover, Discovery, Landcruiser 200 series, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Lexus, Nissan Patrol, Dodge Ram)SUV ( Jeep Cherokee/Renegade, Pajero, Hyundai, Ford Everest, Isuzu MUX) plus more hard core (Jeep Wrangler Rubicon) 4WD vehicle owners, Polaris, Canam Yamaha, side by side, RZR, 

Why Is Auckland Off Road Adventure Different?


 Stunning forest venue

 Sand based so good all year round terrain


Close to Auckland city

Professional operators

Years of experience with the team

A caring attitude towards it's patrons

A strong ethic on health & safety

How Much Does This Cost?


$60.00 for the entire day on either Saturday or Sunday when open to the general public

$60 for a night run

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Am I Insured


You MUST first contact your insurer and ask whether you are insured to drive off road and secondly whether you are insured to drive within a 4wd off road venue. Make sure you receive an email from your insurer confirming this information for you. It is soley the patron's responsibility to ensure they are insured correctly. 

What About My Safety?


 All tracks have been designed to be non scratch to vehicles.

Tracks have been built for standard factory 4WD vehicles .

All of the tracks and trails are ‘one way’ so you shouldn’t meet another vehicle coming the other way. However, we always advise caution and apply the same driving skills as if you are in an on road scenario

Tree stumps and branches have been removed to make the tracks as clear as possible but you must be vigilant at all times as this environment changes daily due to weather patterns.

All tracks are regularly checked and club vehicles are in the park looking out for hazards throughout the day.



 Please note for the safety of all park users ALCOHOL is not permitted to be taken in or consumed in the venue AT ALL!

If at any stage, person or persons are suspected if having alcohol in their vehicle, they will be immediately removed from the venue.


How Do I Know My Skill Level on a Track


All Tracks and trails are graded for vehicle and driver ability, it is up to you to judge and access your abilities with the trail grading guide. 

Is It Possible To Get Lost?


Tracks and trails are sign posted with directional arrows using different colours for different trails, you will be given a map of the trails as a guide before you start your adventure.  Yes it is possible to get lost but we ALWAYS have club vehicles in the various areas of the venue and they will also be able to assist you once you let them know you are lost. We also have each vehicle  noted going into our venue and we will not leave and close for the day without finding you.

What Happens If I Get Stuck?


From time to time vehicles will become stuck and we will assist accordingly. If you do get stuck you will need to get out of your vehicle and just wait for another vehicle to pass to let them know. Please be aware that if you are on a track and it is difficult to see that you are stuck you need to empty your vehicle of passengers and lead them to a place of safety whilst you alert other vehicles to your situation. We have many vehicles in the venue at all times with full recovery gear and they kind of like getting people out, so don;t worry, you haven't caused anyone any inconvenience.